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Desired Technology Solutions – Trusted I.T Service Provider


We do business just the way you want it

About Us

Desired Technology Solutions is an information technology solutions provider. We are registered in Ghana to provide top notch information technology solutions to both small and medium enterprises as well as large scale corporations. 

At Desired Technology Solutions, we use the most updated blend of technologies to create a solid yet very affordable solution. We take into account the look and feel of our designs that will draw attention of viewers as well as effective marketing techniques to convert viewers into customers.


Website Development

Taking businesses online is why we are in business. We give you professional websites

Software Solutions

We provide Point of Sale and School Management solutions among others to our clients.

Graphic Design

You can sell anything if you send the message right. We get you the right message with the right design.


We are ready to give your organization a robust I.T infrastructure. We care about your success.

Website Development Services

Listed bellow are our website development specialties 

Corporate Websites

We help you present your brand with your website how it should be

News/Blog Websites

We help you get your newspaper online in a grand special way

E commerce

We help you extend the reach of your business to potential customers

Business Website

Your business needs a presence online. Your business should be found even without talking to you.

Academic Websites

Your educational institution needs to be found online and interacted with by your students

Virtual Learning

Studies now go far beyond the classroom. Virtual learning is needed to engage your students.

Our Portfolio

Our Clients

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1st Floor, Room 3, Rams Horn Building, Opposite Winners Chapel Int.  Ho, Volta Region

Our hours

10:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: +233 24 725 8216 / +233 50562 3475